Квадроцикл РЫСЬ-400 от "Русской Механики"

Квадроцикл РЫСЬ-400 от русской механики. Квадроцикл РЫСЬ 400 — на двигателе нет ограничения, поэтому он имеет мощность 28 л.с. и работает на бензине А-92. Данный квадроцикл развивает скорость до 50 км в час.

Квадроцикл РЫСЬ-400

Квадроцикл РЫСЬ 400 — на двигателе нет ограничения, поэтому он имеет мощность 28 л.с. и работает на бензине А-92. Мотовездеход(квадроцикл) развивает скорость до 50 км в час. Передняя и задняя гидравлические подвески обеспечивают плавность хода и хорошую управляемость на любой дороге, а так же, вовсе без оной. Тормоза гидравлические, дисковые. Система охлаждения – жидкостная. Клиренс 23 см. В базовую комплектацию входят электростартер, лебедка, два багажника – передний и задний, соответственно, на 40 и 80 кг., а так же фаркоп для прицепа. Объем бака 16 л. . В базовой комплектации установлены: фаркоп, электрическая лебедка, легкосплавные колесные диски и зеркала заднего вида.

Технические характеристики квадроцикла РЫСЬ 400

1 цил., 4 такт, жидк. охлажд, 400 см3
Мощность л.с. (без ограничителя)
28 / 7000 об/мин
Пусковой механизм
Система питания
карбюратор MIKUNI
бензин А-92
Объем топливного бака, л
вариатор CVT, L/H/N/R/Р
Система привода
автоматическое, центробежное, многодисковое в масляной ванне
Подвеска передняя
независимая, Макферсон с гидравлич. амортизатором
Подвеска задняя
независимая, рачажная продольная с гидравлич. амортизатором
Тормоз перед/зад
гидравлич. дисковый с приводом на каждое колесо
Тормоз стояночный
Колесная база, мм
Клиренс, мм
Габаритные размеры, мм
Колея передних/задних колес, мм
Масса сухая, кг
Масса снаряженная, кг
Масса максимальная, кг
Минимальный радиус поворота, м
Доп. оборудование:
Спинка пассажира
Литые диски

Уважаемые покупатели, если Вы заинтересованы в данной модели квадроцикла РЫСЬ-400 или являетесь диллером нашей продукции, просим Вас обратить внимание на то, что цена данной модели является розничной и может варьироваться в течении сезона. Для уточнения диллерской/оптовой цены просьба звонить нашим менеджерам, по телефонам:

(4855) 210-322,
(4855) 222-757

Варианты доставки квадроцикла РЫСЬ-400

- доставка данной модели квадроцикла осуществляется транспортными компаниями (ТК): "ДОСТАВКА И ОПЛАТА"
- для уточнения технических вопросов, а так же вопросов связанных с оплатой и отгрузкой товара: "ВОПРОСЫ"
- оформлениепредварительного заказа на данную модель квадроцикла: "Оформить предварительный заказ"

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    The sound of shattering glass echoes through the office. She braces herself behind a file cabinet and takes aim. A head pops around the gate door and Darnell fires, the head erupting into a spray of blood. With no doubt another inmate will pick up the shotgun, Darnell jacks another shell. Seconds later another inmate steps out, the gun tucked tight to his shoulder. Darnell ducks down behind the filing cabinet. Peeking around the side, she sees a pair of feet in the doorway. The dumb ass is just standing there waiting for her to stand up.Can I get a shot off before he does? Maybe. But, maybe not., , Raahim closes out the web browser he had been looking at and sits back in his chair. Every few months he’ll scan the Web to see if anyone has taken responsibility for killing his family and the results are no different today, eight years later. Raahim rubs his eyes. He’s been going for twenty-four hours straight and is in desperate need of sleep. Pushing back his chair, he stands and walks into the break room and grabs an energy drink from the fridge. Already jittery, he knows the caffeine jolt is only going to make it worse. He puts the unopened drink back in the fridge and leans against the counter., , The jet wobbles slightly before touching down and the cabin fills with the roar of the dual engine thrust reversers. As the plane slows, the pilot triggers the reverse thrusters off and the noise level in the cabin returns to normal.“Yes, Natalie’s that good,” Paige says. “What’s the deal with you two?”On ower WebSite: http://www.punishtube.com

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    “I would think so,” Paige says., , Butler tries to imagine what the scene may look like, but he doesn’t have any real reference points, having never served in combat., , Butler looks around at his men and says,“Move out, men. Remember my instructions.” Butler’s brain clicks through the list of personnel on the other side of the prison. Lieutenant Marvin Maxwell, a social studies teacher, is with that group, but he’s a tad skittish and that’s the last thing Butler needs at the moment. His mind continues to run through the list. He clicks his radio and says, “Sergeant Vasquez, you are in command.” Hugo Vasquez is an Erie County sheriff’s deputy.On ower WebSite: https://mypornbible.com

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    “No, smartass. I was assigned to one of the agency’s Critical Incident Response Groups when Hurricane Sandy hit. Lootin’ began before the storm even passed. And it wasn’t just the lootin’. You’d be surprised what humans can do to one another in enormously stressful situations.”, , “You sound sure.”, , “Can’t they just replace them?” Morales asks.On ower WebSite: http://www.dansmovies.com

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    “Eighty, sir,” Griffin says., , “Hurry, Kat,” Hensley says., , “One Westpark.”On ower WebSite: https://mypornbible.com

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    “Yes, ma’am,” Liam says before racing off., , Hank shrugs. A little farther down the corridor, they find the correct room and are glad to see the lights are on and the servers up and running. The steel exterior door is outfitted with a numeric lock and a camera is positioned in the upper-left corner of the wall. Hank knocks and holds his credentials up to the camera., , “Fuck,” Butler mutters. He triggers his radio. “Squads in reserve, watch your six.” Then he says, “Butler to Foster.”On ower WebSite: http://www.metaporn.com

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    Yuusef nods and Hassan slips out of the bathroom. When he returns to his computer he discovers that the satellite window is now open, allowing him access to the USSStark’s computer systems. He sits, cracks his knuckles, and pulls up the coordinates for Naval Station Norfolk again as he waits for the ship’s onboard cameras to come online., , “We’re not sure, sir.”, , Butler takes a deep breath and releases it.“Roger. Keep me posted. Butler out.” Butler turns around to make sure everyone has their flashlights mounted. “Squads one and two move out. Squad one, you’re point.” Butler had separated his team into four-man squads so they wouldn’t all be tromping around as one large group. “Squads three and four, you’re next.” He nods at Robinson to go with them.On ower WebSite: https://mypornbible.com

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    Paige felt a little uncomfortable during that exchange between Natalie and Hank and she spends a moment contemplating why. She’s known Hank for all of one day. One extremely long day, yes, but all she knows about him is he has a grandmother he calls Nana and he’s from a small town in Oklahoma. Then her mind flashes on that incident in Manhattan. Maybe she knows more about him than she originally thought. Hank had beencalm and collected and it’s obvious he has a strong moral foundation, evidenced by his actions in the looted restaurant. But then Paige wonders if he went too far. Was there another way that didn’t involve the killing of two people? Not that those two men didn’t deserve it for what they were doing to that young, innocent girl, but Hank made the conscious decision to be judge, jury, and executioner without, apparently, a second thought., , They sit in silence for a few moments, watching the crew work in what was supposed to be a state-of-the-art Ship’s Mission Center. Most of the debris from the helicopter explosion has been cleaned up, but there are still several shattered video screens hanging from the ceiling at odd angles. Hensley thinks how lucky the helicopter pilots were to have come inside for chow only moments before their chopper was obliterated. Then his thoughts turn to the damage Norfolk sustained. The deaths haven’t been tallied yet and, according to the radio, search and rescue operations are ongoing. Hensley looks at Malloy. “Admiral, have you served as a member of the court during a general court-martial?”, , Hank shakes his head.“They might be the best hackers on the planet, but I doubt they’ve developed a grab bag full of exploits. I think it’s more likely they’re usin’ multiple variants of the one piece of malware — malware they’ve probably spent years refinin’.”On ower WebSite: http://www.pinterest.com

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    “Good,” Malloy says. “Bring up our list of targets.”, , Nazeri is the one who decides which portion of the power grids to take down. It wouldn’t do to kill the power to a potential target — how are you going to blow something up if it’s not up and running? Hassan has no doubt that by the time this is all over with most of the United States will be without electricity. Then he wonders what that means for his apartment here in Boston. He has enough food for a day or two, but the power’s going to be out much longer than that due to the damage they’re doing to the transformers.Will I ever see my apartment again? My friends? It’s an unanswerable question and he tries to clear his mind. He turns to look at Nazeri, who is seated at the head of the table, grinning eagerly as his fingers fly across the keyboard., , “We’re not going to lose it. Jesus Christ, millions of people are in the stock market.”On ower WebSite: http://myporngay.com

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    Glancing ahead, Hank spots the exit for Fort Belvoir and pulls over into the far-right lane. He glances at Paige.“Do you think the malware really self-destructed, or is it still there and we just didn’t find it?”, , Paige shrugs.“Progress is progress, Hank. It’s going to take time.”, , “Screw you, Harvey. It’s not the damn money and you know it. Hit your ball.”On ower WebSite: http://www.kporno.com

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    Malloy shrugs.“I doubt any of the three will see the open sea again.” Malloy sighs. “Maybe we tried to do too much, too soon.”, , Malloy cuts Griffin off with a wave of his hand.“Did you detect any anomalies, Lieutenant?”, , “Head toward Tysons Corner mall and I’ll direct you from there.”On ower WebSite: http://www.videosz.com/index.php

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