Техническое описание Сани-волокуши БШВ-100П предназначе..." />
Купить сани-волокуши пластиковые для снегохода или мотобуксировщика БШВ-100П(малые)

Техническое описание

Сани-волокуши БШВ-100П предназначены для эксплуатации в сцепке с мотобуксировщиком. Основание модели изготовлено из морозостойкого пластика. Допускает эксплуатацию волокуш вплоть до температуры -60С. Ценители зимнего транспорта могут убедиться в том, что данная модель станет надежным продолжением их снегохода или мотобусировщика.

Габаритные размеры
длина - 1540мм
ширина - 660мм
высота - 170мм
Материал основания - пластик ПЭНД

Габаритные размеры указаны без сцепки


Уважаемые покупатели, если Вы заинтересованы в данной модели саней или являетесь диллером нашей продукции, просим Вас обратить внимание на то, что цена данной модели является розничной и может варьироваться в течении сезона. Для уточнения диллерской/оптовой цены просьба звонить нашим менеджнерам, по телефонам:

(4855) 210-322,
(4855) 222-757

Варианты доставки и заказа саней

- доставка данной модели саней осуществляется транспортными компаниями. Транспортные компании (ТК), с которыми мы часто сотрудничаем, представлены в разделе: "ДОСТАВКА И ОПЛАТА"
- для уточнения технических вопросов, а так же вопросов связанных с оплатой и отгрузкой товара, можно задать в разделе: "ВОПРОСЫ"
- для оформления предварительного заказа: "Оформить предварительный заказ"

Сопутствующие модели саней-волокуш

Ниже представлены остальные модели саней, которые могут Вас заинтересовать:

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    But time is not her friend. She has to eliminate the gun threat before the inmates get creative and try to burn her out. Once the gun is eliminated from the equation, Darnell will have free rein inside the armory to fend off any other assault attempt. She takes a moment to look around the room, searching for something she can use for a distraction. Her gaze is drawn to a rolling chair tucked under the desk with a Department of Corrections jacket draped over the back. Easing the chair out, Darnell runs through the sequence of events in her head as the injured inmate continues to wail. Moments later, when the man with the shredded legs pauses to suck in a breath, she hears a loud crunch and the screaming stops., , It’s frightening to see the looted stores that stretch on and on, block after block. Eric pushes the cart onto the DuSable Bridge and takes a short break at the midstream point of the Chicago River. Abandoned buses, trucks, and cars litter the bridge’s surface and there’s a steady stream of people, mostly business types, heading north to their homes., , While his team members are busy with their own thoughts as the trucks rumble down the highway, Butler is busy working the radio. The National Guard is unique in that they serve a dual role. Soldiers can be called up by state officials to manage a local crisis, or, as a reserve unit of the United States Armed Forces, they can be called up at any time by the federal government. If the feds activate a unit then most likely those soldiers are headed overseas to fight in the ongoing conflicts. And as the number of active military soldiers declines, more guard units are being activated. At the moment, Captain Butler would much prefer a flight overseas rather than this road trip to hell. Butler triggers his radio and says,“Say again, sir?”On ower WebSite:

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    With one last surge of energy, Rinsky lowers his head and crawls, bumping his head against the nightstand. He exhales a stuttering breath and reaches up for his phone. He punches the button to light the screen and nothing happens. Rinsky screams with frustration, fumbles around for the power cord, and plugs in the phone. Rolling over onto his back, he waits for the phone to power up. He pokes and prods the blisters on his face, then looks at the ones on his arms. Some of his skin is turning black and that puzzles him. Jesus, it’s not like he was inside the plant when the damn thing blew up. Hell, they were at least four miles away. He lowers his arms and stares at the ceiling, berating himself for not listening to Moretti. If he hadn’t been so damn stubborn they could have made it back to the clubhouse when the sirens first sounded. And that might have allowed him time to set things right with Dorothy. But then his mind turns to Susie and their recent tumbles in the hay and all thoughts of Dorothy disappear. It’s Susie and her magic mouth that take center stage in his mind. But he’s now in such poor shape he can’t even get a hard-on., , Malloy blows out a long, shaky breath.“Many times. It comes with the job.”, , Out on the chopper deck of the USSStark, Captain Hensley tried waving at the two Seahawks hovering off the stern to signal that the ship hasn’t been hijacked. There have been no visual clues that the helicopter pilots understand, or they’re wary it’s all an act and the bad guys are holding the crew hostage. Admittedly, it’s not normal for one navy ship to fire on other ships sailing under the same flag, but Hensley is running out of options on how to convey the message that he and the crew aren’t under duress. And looking at all those Hellfire missiles hanging off the helicopter’s stub wings is giving him heartburn.On ower WebSite:

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    “I e-mailed Natalie. She has dozens of people working on the malware and they’re making progress.”, , CHAPTER 21Seattle, Washington, , “Hey, Natalie. Long time, no talk.”On ower WebSite:

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    “Have you been there?”, , “Then how do we find it?”, , When she doesn’t respond a second time, Todd scrambles to his feet and races around to the front of the house and shines the light on Grace. His heart plummets when he sees her slumped in her wheelchair. Todd lunges up the steps and shines the flashlight on the ventilator to see a message that takes his breathaway: VENTILATOR INOPERATIVE.On ower WebSite:

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    “I hate to burst your bubble, but it’s already a shitstorm. Did Natalie say anythin’ to you about a possible insider bein’ involved?”, , Without even a second thought, Paul says,“Sure.”, , CHAPTER 23McAlester, OklahomaOn ower WebSite:

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    Paige glances around at the crowds then steps closer to Morales and lowers her voice, saying,“Tomás, it could be months before power is back on.”, , “No. Sir.”, , “I think so. Hot as it is, they might be in the deeper water.”On ower WebSite:

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    “Need… water.”, , The inmates also have gas masks., , “Look at the chlorine tank numbers.”On ower WebSite:

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    “We’re headin’ back to D.C.,” Hank says. “I don’t think you’re goin’ to be hurting for clothes.”, , “On second thought, let me check the jet’s flight schedule.”, , “I tried. The computer wouldn’t let me do that, either.”On ower WebSite:

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    She looks down at her ruined clothing.“I wished I had another outfit.”, , At least with the roads blocked there is no incoming traffic, but that changes the closer they get to the terminal building. Hank weaves the Mustang through an obstacle course of emergency vehicles and pulls in behind a police car parked near the entrance to baggage claim. After killing the engine, he pulls a placard with FBI printed on it from the back pocket of the passenger seat and tosses it onto the dash., , “You disobeyed a direct order, Captain Butler,” Moore says.On ower WebSite:

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    “Why?” Paige asks. “It’ll allow us to move through the crowds easier.” She ducks back inside the car to retrieve her backpack and slings it over her shoulder., , “I’ll pass, too. Thanks for asking, though.”, , Yuusef hurries over and whispers,“You saw the gun. What are we going to do?”On ower WebSite:

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