Техническое оп..." />

Сани для снегохода "БШПГ-250С" (со спинкой)

Сани для снегохода со спинкой

Сани для снегохода БШПГ-250С (сани со спинкой). Обратите внимание! Данная модель саней для снегохода больше не выпускается.

Техническое описание

Сани-волокуши БШПГ-250С предназначены для эксплуатации в сцепке со снегоходом «Буран» или «Тайга». Чтобы исключить выпадание груза из саней данная модель дополнена спинкой. Для лучшего скольжения по снегу, а так же для увеличения срока эксплуатации данная модель "поставлена" на полозья.

Габаритные размеры
длина - 2170мм
ширина - 830мм
высота - 460мм
Материал основания - обработанная сосновая доска

Габаритные размеры указаны без сцепки

Варианты доставки и заказа

- доставка данной модели саней осуществляется транспортными компаниями. Транспортные компании (ТК), с которыми мы часто сотрудничаем, представлены в разделе: "ДОСТАВКА И ОПЛАТА"
- для уточнения технических вопросов, а так же вопросов связанных с оплатой и отгрузкой товара, можно задать в разделе: "ВОПРОСЫ"
- для оформления предварительного заказа: "Оформить предварительный заказ"

Сопутствующие модели саней

Ниже представлены сани для снегоходов, которые могут Вас заинтересовать:

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    “I agree. Besides, I think I drank too much water back at the police station.” Seeing her husband’s discomfort, Peyton asks, “Would it be more comfortable if you stretched out on the bed for a bit?”, , Hank shrugs and heads for the entrance, his jacket inside out and draped over his arm. Glancing at the chaos through the windows, Hank takes a deep breath and steps up to the automatic door, Paige right behind him. They’re barely through the door when people begin swarming Paige like a pack of hyenas moving in on a fresh kill. Paige tries to make herself smaller as the crowd swells, the shouted questions hitting her like a barrage of bullets. People are jostling for position, stepping on her toes, and grabbing her clothing. Paige slaps at the hands grabbing her clothes and looks pleadingly at Hank, who’s standing off to the side leaning against a support column., , Captain Scott Butler takes off his helmet and wipes the sweat from his brow. With the power still off and all the fans silent, it’s hotter than hell inside the prison, and combined with the adrenaline coursing through his system, Butler is sweating like a whore in church. He puts his helmet back on and refastens the straps. The floors are awash with fresh blood as he orders his men to move out. It’s early morning now, and they still have much work to do.On ower WebSite:

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    “Okay. Which way am I going?” Hank asks., , Hank picks up the phone and makes the call. He reconnects with Wilkins and finds out the answer to his question— forty-nine seconds. Hank sits back down and runs through the process of how that might happen. He tries to visualize the actions that would be required to transition from a secure private network to a secure, but less private one — one that would allow the NSA to intercept their communications., , “God, I’m thirsty. I wish we had some water,” Eric says, using his already-saturated shirt to mop the sweat from his face.On ower WebSite:

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    “Some of these guys could make a weapon out of a piece of tissue, but, no, they don’t have any firearms that I’m aware of,” Darnell says over the radio. “But sixty men ain’t no match for the monsters in here. Hell, Walt, six hundred soldiers might not even do the trick.”, , Peyton looks at Janice, the female officer, and takes a second to read her name tag.“Where’s the police station, Officer Jacobs?”, , Darnell’s first thought is that she didn’t bring near enough shotgun shells. Yes, she does have the pistol and extra ammo, but trying to hit anything much beyond twenty feet is dicey and Darnell has no plans for them getting that close. She hugs the wall of cells and quickens her pace. She makes it tothe end of the cellblock, sucks in a lungful of air, and hurries toward the center gate.On ower WebSite:

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    Two weeks later, after burying his parents and two brothers, Raahim shuffles through the Kabul airport in a daze, waiting for his flight to be called.Present day, somewhere near Boston, , “No, Griff, we didn’t screw up. What’s the admiral doing now?”, , “No… choice. Only… option… we… have.”On ower WebSite:

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    Jacobs returns moments later, gloved up, masked up, and wearing a plastic face shield. She glances at Peyton and says,“I’m also the team medic, so your husband is in good hands.”, , It’s frightening to see the looted stores that stretch on and on, block after block. Eric pushes the cart onto the DuSable Bridge and takes a short break at the midstream point of the Chicago River. Abandoned buses, trucks, and cars litter the bridge’s surface and there’s a steady stream of people, mostly business types, heading north to their homes., , CHAPTER 59North Atlantic OceanOn ower WebSite:

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    CHAPTER 75Somewhere near Boston, , “What happened to him or her?”, , CHAPTER 24ChicagoOn ower WebSite:

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    “I think… so.”, , “My office, now,” Mercer says before hanging up., , Campbell grabs a small tactical flashlight off his belt and clicks it on, focusing the beam on Eric’s wound. Jacobs pulls out a pair of tweezers and leans in close. “Okay, Eric, I need to do a little probing here, looking for shirt fibers. I’ll try to be as gentle as possible, but it’s going to hurt.”On ower WebSite:

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    Parker, having given them the carrot, now offers the stick.“For those of you who refuse to surrender, there are zero guarantees concerning your survival. We will find you. Whether you live or die will depend on the decisions you make. But, to be honest with you, I don’t like your odds. We will offer no warnings. We will offer no pleas. And, just to make my point clear, we are authorized to shoot to kill.” Parker pauses to let that thought sink in then says, “Men, the ball is now in your court.” Parker hands the radio back to Butler., , Thirty minutes later, Peyton exits the closet with two flashlights and a brand-spanking-new box of AA batteries. There’s no one left in the office to celebrate her find, so Peyton returns to her original problem: What to do? She carries the flashlights and batteries over to her desk and dumps them in a reusable shopping bag she keeps handy in case she needs to lug something home. She stands there, hand to her chin, thinking. Eric’s boss is an asshole of the highest order and the odds of Eric being released early fall somewhere between zero and 10 percent. Paige sits and wipes the perspiration from her forehead. It’s suddenly stuffy inside with no air-conditioning. A bolt of lightning strikes nearby, lighting the room with a brief, blinding flash. That’s followed a second later by a loud rumble of thunder that Peyton swears rattles the glass. She holds up a finger. “Umbrellas,” she says to the empty room. She stands and heads back to the goody closet., , Nine.On ower WebSite:

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    Hank smiles.“No, but it is fun as hell to drive.” He exits out of the parking lot and gooses the gas, the whir of the supercharger whining as he shifts to second and then third. He glances over to see Paige white-knuckling the armrest and shifts to fourth and eases up on the throttle as he hits the on-rampto Interstate 66., , “Scott Butler, Ellis. Nice to meet you. Have you ever been exposed to tear gas?”, , “Anything?” Irene asks.On ower WebSite:

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    “We need some help with this if we want a fast fix, Tomás,” Paige says as she slips out of her own jacket. “Back home we’ll have access to not only our computer programmers, but those at the NSA as well. And face-to-face is always better for brainstorming, especially when we’re dealing with such a sophisticated piece of malware.” Paige wipes the sweat from her forehead. The temperatures are pushing the mid-90s and, coupled with the hot exhaust gases from the gridlocked vehicles and the body heat from growing crowds, it feels as if they’re standing inside a giant oven set on broil., , “Sure, Mom,” he replies before scampering away., ,On ower WebSite:

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